The Druid Now and in the Years to Come: Noni

Love is an emotion that has many attributes to it – we, human beings are seldom capable to understanding all those attributes. Rather, our parched minds prefer to cling on to one, single perception and forsake the rest. In what can be termed as a coincidence, our body too seems to follow a similar perception: The human body is the most complex machine in this planet; however, the brain is that part of the human body which gets utilized the least. Although, it is well-known, that there can be wonderful inventions, discoveries and outlooks if the balance 95 per cent is used.

Today, we human beings have progressed a lot by using that five per cent of our craniums. Advancements have taken forth in multiple fields with each of them having seen one new advanced technology or other coming into existence.

If the writer’s perception is to shift towards medical science, then, the fingers are just unable to write without putting forth a paragraph or two about the potency of herbal medicines and the different discoveries that have taken place (after, all we can discover the versatile goodness of Mother Nature, not invent it).

In line with the earlier paragraph, this paragraph and the one below it will talk about the world of herbs – A wonderful world which puts forth a bounty of medicinal herbs coming forth with an impressive array of healing properties. For example, there is clove which has a wealth of anti-oxidants and then there is black pepper which does a lot to decrease weight in addition to pepping up food preparations with its flavour.

As far as the hard core medicinal herbs (and fruits for that matter) are concerned, there is of course, the miracle fruit known scientifically as Morinda Citrifolia. Otherwise known largely as Noni, this fruit has marvellous healing properties. A natural dietary supplement, Noni is extremely rich in anti-oxidants and has the ability of catalysing immunity. This fruit is further capable of serving as an effective cure for cardio and skin problems, stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, hormonal imbalance, tuberculosis, Dengue, indigestion and many other problems. Further, it is extremely beneficial for the human brain and is well-known to increase the cognitive power. On a closing note, we are proud to say that our Salveo Andaman Noni continues to change lives in every part of the country. In addition to Noni, our R&D team is hard-at-work in devising new concoctions and potions using a variety of herbs that occur in nature.

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