• The only cure to piles is surgery

    The only cure to piles is surgery, this is what we have been always hearing. But I would personally recommend everyone t o use Salveo Lifesciences Rectawin cream and capsule simultaneously. I am grateful to my doctor for prescribing me this amazing natural remedy that I can actually think of postponing my surgery.’

    Siya Prasad, 39, Uttrakhand, India

  • I am very satisfied with Salveo Lifesciences Livful D.S tablet

    ‘I am very satisfied with Salveo Lifesciences Livful D.S tablet. Having being recovered from Jaundice, I had a complete loss of appetite and weight loss. Whatever I ate I found it difficult to digest. My mother advised me to take Livful and sent it to me through a friend of mine.
    I have recovered and feel better after taking this medicine. Surprisingly, I have gained weight too

    Joyee, 28, Australia

  • I must thank Salveo Life Sciences for Tuswas cough syrup

    ‘I must thank Salveo Life Sciences for Tuswas cough syrup. A complete herbal cough formulation that I could give my kids safely. It is so effective that neither my kids miss their school nor did they feel sleepy. ‘

    – Rupa ,35, Kolkata,India

  • Sitting in front of computer for long hours

    ‘Sitting in front of computer for long hours, I had massive ache in my back and what instantly came to my mind, and to rescue was NSAIDS. These NSAID gave me relief but had started facing gastric problems. A friend of mine recommended me to use Ostranil gel. I am really amazed at the instant relief it has given and my back ache is almost gone!’

    – N. Bhattacharya, 33, London

  • nature of my job

    “Due to the nature of my job, I had pain in my lower pain in lower back for years. So, I decided to give it a try. From second week onwards, I began to notice my pain erasing out! Since then I continue Salveo Andaman Noni and recommend to anyone and everyone.”

    – Sheetal Shangwan,45, Himachal Pradesh ,India.

  • Thanks a lot!

    “Thanks! Because of Salveo Andaman Noni I have so much energy and have got rid of the nasty migraine “

    – Keshav Kothari, 33, USA

  • suffered from constipation

    “I am 56 years old and have always suffered from constipation .One of my friend suggested me to start with Noni. I was extremely skeptical, but thanks to Salveo Andaman Noni, my constipation problem has improved and I feel better now.”

    – Raman Sharma, 56, Uttrakhand, India

  • I am really eager to recommend you one product

    ‘Today I am really eager to recommend you one product. For this I need to tell you all what is the product and why it is so special. For the last I year I am suffering from hypertension. One of my relatives suggested me to take Salveo Andaman Noni powder or capsules. One day I went to their office and got to know the specialty and benefits of it. It is freeze dried powder which keeps the volatile constituents of noni fruit in its intact form. Their noni fruit is grown in the volcanic soil of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. They don’t add any pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals that mean their fruits are totally inorganic. Believe me; it is very helpful to treat hypertension. So those who are suffering from high blood pressure or Cardiac problem please try it.’


  • My sleep problems have gone

    ‘Since I started to take Salveo Andaman Noni capsules, my sleep problems have gone. Now, I sleep well every night very well.’


  • This is an exceptional product

    This is an exceptional product. I have found that it helped many of my patients in Gynecological Disorders. I would like to recommend it to anyone.’

    Dr. P. Dasgupta, Kolkata.

  • A severe pain of Arthritis

    I was suffering from a severe pain of Arthritis. I was searching for herbal supplement after taking lots of prescribed medication. One day I got the name of Salveo Andaman Noni during net surfing. I ordered a bottle by phone. Within the same day I got my delivery. Most importantly I want to share, that the pain of arthritis has totally gone after 3 months. I am very happy.

    Thank You!!!’

    Manoj Bhagat, Kolkata.