Aspire to stay healthy with Salveo’s Noni Juice this World Health Day!

Today is World Health Day, a day celebrated under the sponsorship of WHO (World Health Organization) to generate health awareness amongst the people across the globe. Health is wealth and to get fit and healthy body your first step is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In other words, your goal is to stay mentally and physically fit forever. Keep aside chronic ailments and live long, happy and healthy life.

Follow three simple tips: change dietary habits, do exercise regularly and reduce your stress level. This is what the experts refer to as ‘lifestyle medicine’.

Researchers have emphasized on the health benefits of yoga as well as have identified appropriate proof of how yoga can improve both physical and mental health. Indeed, regular yoga practice helps to enhance the flexibility of body, develop muscle strength, release stress and makes you feel refreshed and energetic and so on.

Change your lifestyle and stay healthy for long! Here are a few more tips you should follow for a healthy life:

• Think Positive
• Eat Fresh Vegetables
• Sleep adequately
• Do physical activities such as jogging, swimming and so on.

A few herbal products rich in medicinal properties are often recommended by the experts to revive the health of the individuals. One such natural product is noni juice. Lets us throw some light on this juice and the health benefits it can offer.

What is noni juice?

As the name suggests noni juice is derived from a small evergreen plant called noni. Noni is also called Indian mulberry.

Noni Juice: Rich in Multiple Nutrients

Noni juice is rich in minerals, vitamins as well as various phytonutrients. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 B6, B12 and also vitamin A, C as well as E are present in the juice.

The essential minerals that are present in noni juice include:

• Iron
• Calcium
• Magnesium
• Phosphorous
• Potassium

Besides, the presence of other natural antioxidant ingredients such as isoscopoletin, scopoletin, vanillin, kaempferol helps to increase the nutritional values of noni juice.

The health benefits of noni juice are as follows:

• Protects liver
• Effective for Cardiovascular healthcare
• Helps in Muscle relaxation
• Good for Memory loss treatment
• Essential for treatment of diabetes and gout
• Reduces Fatigue
• Effective for eye cure
• Helps in curing gastric ailments
• Improves immunity

Moreover, the antioxidant properties of noni juice offer antibacterial, antipsychotic, anti-inflammatory effects that are vital for curing arthritis as well as various disorders associated with the central nervous system.

Salveo Noni: Your Best Dietary Supplement for Good Health

Salveo Life Sciences, a leading herbal medicine manufacturer, comes up with fresh noni juice at affordable rates. Salveo’s noni juice is rich in essential natural ingredients such as phytonutrients, natural anti-oxidants that can enhance the immunity system of the human body as a whole and make your body healthy and strong. It is cultivated through the organic process in the volcanic soil of Andaman and Nicobar Islands that is also rich in mineral content. This noni juice is prepared through Freeze Dried Technology, a special process that ensures retention of high quality of nutrients. No artificial and harmful chemical ingredients are used. Salveo noni juice also contains various medicinal herbs such as Garcinia mangostana which is useful for weight loss, Arjuna terminalia that is effective for cardio health, Withania somnifera that relieves stress and improves physical strength and the like.

Take a pledge this World Health Day to drink noni juice regularly and get rid of illness easily. Remain hale and hearty like never before.

Dosage – Consume 15ml-30ml of Noni juice twice a day, 30 minutes before food.

Salveo Life Sciences: The Harbinger of Good Health


The advent of the Internet has brought with it many advantages and facilities for people today. One of them is online shopping which allows people to purchase goods while staying within their homes. This shopping is done from the websites of not only retail companies but also wellness companies as well. One of the examples of such a company is Salveo Life Sciences.

Salveo Life Sciences sells herbal remedies for different ailments of the human body. All these remedies are created using a wide variety of herbs, fruits and trees including Noni, also known as Morinda citrifolia – a tree whose fruits have multiple and diverse healing properties! This Noni is grown in the volcanic soil of the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

There are multiple benefits of the Noni fruit. As far as the immediate – a.k.a short-term benefits – are concerned, Noni is beneficial for:

•    The increase of resistance against infection
•    The toning up of digestion
•    The clearing of bowels
•    The replenishment of Vitamin C

The long-term benefits include:

•    The increase of the body’s level of protective substances for long-term cell protection
•    The controlling of Cholesterol
•    The provision of relief from pain and inflammation

The flagship product of Salveo Life Sciences is the Salveo Andaman Noni. It comes in a freeze-dried powdered form housed in either capsules or sachets.

As mentioned earlier, Salveo Life Sciences, in addition to the Salveo Andaman Noni, sells many other herbal remedies. On a closing note, it can be said Salveo is the ideal choice for anyone and everyone looking for safe, reliable and highly effective herbal remedies with no side effects.