About Salveo

The visual image of a butterfly as the part of company’s logo is chosen to represent vibrancy, beauty and above all to communicate that the best of nature can be sought without harming it! The butterfly also represents the fact that, as a company, we will seek the best from different sources, integrate them into the brand and keep evolving and growing… Nature’s benefits in the form of herbal medicines are brought forth by Salveo through its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that are equipped with modern technologies under the guidance of well-qualified professionals. Salveo products are tested & validated by standardized procedure like physicochemical analysis, heavy metals testing , freeze drying and radiation testing – undertaken by Gamma radiation (one of its kind in the herbal industry as far as microbiological estimation is concerned).

The products are created using herbal extracts that are used in all feasible formulations and in the ratio of 1:10 or as the situation/case may need.

All our products are manufactured under G.M.P guidelines.

We promise a safe, effective and a 100% natural, herbal cure to our users at an affordable price!

Our Mission

• To excel as a company in blending in-depth knowledge and values of traditional herbs with modern science
• To offer safe, efficacious and economical healthcare products for a healthy tomorrow

Our Vision

• To emerge as a front runner in healthcare services and always stay focused on the various needs of patients with a diversified collection of herbal medicines
• To make tomorrows’ therapeutic solutions real and aim for excellence and efficacy at every step
• To bring value to patients around the globe through our high-quality natural products

About Business Opportunity

Salveo Life Sciences invites distributors, stockists and individuals who are interested to do business with us in India and overseas. Join us to be part of the booming Wellness industry today.

• International Franchise:
We come with a wonderful opportunity for you to take wellness and general well-being to the people of your country through Salveo Life Sciences. Take up an exclusive franchise for our complete mélange of wellness products and spread joy and happiness of a healthy and a disease-free life.

• Distributors and Stockists:
We invite distributors and stockists from Retail, Pharmaceutical and Food and Beverage (F&B) industries to join us as partners.

• Retail Business Plan:
Assistance is the buzzword of our relationship with distributors and individuals. Therefore, we offer attractive business plans to people aiming for lucrative returns, as well as spreading wellness among their family and friends.

For distributors, we offer initial assistance to build up a thriving business with attractive retail margins so that they can incur voluminous sales and noteworthy profits.

For instance, in India, our distributors are acquiring large amounts of money from the monthly sales of our products.

From the standpoint of acquiring new customers, we assure you that nearly every customer will be a recurring one.

Our Message:

Join us and spread the message of wellness!
Just get the word out! Let people try our products!
Queries:All your questions are important for us. For details, please send an email at: info@salveols.com.