Herbal Solution for Dandruff Treatment

Itchy scalps with white flakes on the shoulders are a common sight. It apparently seems harmless but can be quite annoying not to mention embarrassing!
A number of reasons including stress, an oily scalp, sickness or even season change could be responsible for it. Sometimes, it is simply the left over new shampoo that you tried the other day. Doctors believe that dandruff is caused by Seborrheic Dermatitis, a skin condition whose cause is still not known. The skin glands usually produce a lubricant called sebum for waterproofing and lubricating the scalp. In some, this gives rise to a fungal growth which finally causes skin scaling. Some doctors feel it is related to psoriasis.
Whatever be the reason, anti-dandruff shampoos come by the dozen but hardly any of them have the answer to the problem. The itchy flakes go away only to return after some time. Topical treatments often contain steroid which temporarily cure the condition but tend to affect the skin.
Herbal remedies are preferably the safest since they are made of natural ingredients like neem leaves, lemon oil, fenugreek extracts, tea tree oil and much more.
PRESORIA – Dandruff Cleanser, a natural product from Salveo uses the antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of Tea tree oil and Neem extract to control the itching sensation and prevent the spread of the disease. Since dandruff is one of primary reasons for hair loss it has to be arrested without delay.
Salveo Life Science’s Presoria is indeed a revolutionary creation which prevents hair fall due to dandruff as well as controls the deteriorating scalp condition. Reasonably priced, the shampoo should be left on the scalp for some time to enable the medicine to act on the dandruff present on the surface. The product cleans the hair and makes it silky while promoting hair growth.

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