Cure Urolithiasis outright with Normout Syrup and Tablets

Urine is a waste material that contains chemical ions and mineral substances.  When these compounds are in high concentration levels in urine, and when the urinary tract becomes complicated, these elements consolidate to form crystals. These later go on to further clump together to form stone-like substances of different shapes and sizes called Urolithiasis.

Let’s discuss about the natural remedies for Urolithiasis briefly.

A patient who has ever gone through the pain from passing a kidney stone, or undergone a surgical procedure for stone removal, will almost certainly look for home options to prevent the stones from occurring once again.

  • These individuals will need to increase their daily intake of water, drink as much water as they can to keep the urine solution well diluted, and to improve their frequency of urination for faster elimination of waste materials.
  • Dairy products indeed prevent the formation of certain kidney stone types. So, it is better to have a glass of milk daily.
  • One should avoid red meat and meat products in this condition.

Apart from these Ayurvedic home remedies one can use Normout syrup and tablets manufactured by Salveo Life Sciences to cure Urolithiasis without any side effects. Salveo Life Sciences’ Normout Syrup is a safe and effective poly herbal formulation that is recommended for urinary calculi (stones), burning micturition and recurrent urinary tract infections.

Normout Syrup consists of Tribulus terrestris, Boerhavia diffusa and Shwet parpati.  Tribulus terrestris has diuretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesics and antimicrobial actions. Boerhavia diffusa is known to possess anti-inflammatory, analgesics and diuretic properties. Shwet parpati normalizes the urine pH and relieves the burning micturition. 

Available as: Normout Syrup 200 ml & Tablets

Dosage: 2 tsp twice or thrice daily or as advised by physician.

Boost your Child’s Digestive System with Gro App Syrup

Does your child refuse to eat often? It surely can be because he/she is not enjoying the meal or it can be due to indigestion problem. Recently children are increasingly developing digestive problems that were once only reserved for adults.

Digestion is how a body intakes food and then makes it usable for the entire system in the form of nutrients and energy. Your child may lose weight as well.

Primarily you need to check what is actually happening. If your child is facing any of the below symptoms then try out an herbal formula that can keep your child healthy and improve his/ her digestive system.


  • Indigestion
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Flatulence
  • Abdominal Colic

If your child is facing any or all of these conditions then it’s time to go for something natural. GRO-APP syrup can be your perfect choice made with the goodness of nature. Children are hungry every 3-4 hours. Made with natural ingredients like Foeniculum vulgare, Zingiber officinale and cuminum cyminum, this syrup from Salveo Life Sciences is absolutely safe for your health.

GRO-APP syrup is a natural formulation that normalizes the appetite-satiety rhythm. It improves your child’s appetite by improving the digestion process, anorexia and helps in physiological weight gain. Unlike other traditional medicines, this syrup does not induce sleep. Additionally, the Ayurvedic formulation exhibit carminative action to soothe the gut wall. It also eases the gripping pain and also helps to reduce the production of gas relieving the abdominal colic.

Dosage: 2 Tsp twice daily or as directed by the physician

Varicose veins: The most common Venous Disorder to boot out

Varicose veins, widely known as varicose or varicosities occurs when  veins become enlarged, dilated, and overfilled with blood. Varicose veins typically appear swollen and raised, and have a bluish-purple or red colour. Sometimes they are painful as well.

The common features of Varicose Vein are –

  • In the case of Varicose Vein, veins under the skin of the legs become widened, bulging, and twisted. Varicose veins usually announce themselves as bulging, bluish cords running just beneath the surface of your skin.
  • A previous leg injury may damage the valves in a vein which can result in a varicosity. Genetics also plays a role, so if other family members have varicose veins there is a greater chance you will, too.

Salveo Life Sciences has come up with ways to extirpate complications related to Varicose Vein and maintain healthy life with herbal medicines.  Salveo’s ‘Noni Capsules’ increases the immunity power, prevents Varicose Vein and accelerates the seamless blood flow within the body. Noni Capsules is an organic dietary supplement of Morinda Cirtifolia fruit.

These fruits are grown in the volcanic soil and a pollution free environment in Andaman and Nicobar islands. It is a natural immune booster with more than 160 nutraceuticals. It has been proved that this herbal medicine is essential for maintaining and promoting the overall quality of life. The brand promises a safe, effective and a 100% natural, herbal cure to the users at an affordable cost.

Available as: Noni Capsules and Freeze dried powder


Adult – Powder of 1 sachet to be mixed with a glass of water and drink once a day 30 minutes before meal.

Children – Half of the adult dose.

Capsule –

Adult – 1 capsule twice daily after food

Children – half of the adult dose.


Putome Plus For the promise of Oligomenorrhea free menstrual cycle

The anatomical features and physiological characteristics of a ‘women body’ are considered quite convoluted amongst researchers and experts from epochs.  With pre-menopausal physiological system of women, medical complexity may occurin some cases.

Now, in this particular blog, let’s explore the easy way to extirpate a particular pesky disorder that can bother women all over her reproductive year called Oligomenorrhea. It is the term used to describe infrequent or very less  menstruation in woman.

Let’s discuss the general symptoms and difficulties of Oligomenorrhea.

  • Menstrual periods that occurs at intervals of greater than 35 days
  • Four to nine periods in a year.
  • Some women with oligomenorrhea may have difficulty becoming mother.
  • The woman may be at the risk for bone loss, called osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease.
  • Women who do not have regular periods also may have a higher risk of developing uterine cancer.
  • Irregular menstrual periods along with unpredictable flow.

Maximum cases of Oligomenorrhea are related to hormonal issues, the treatment for oligomenorrhea will also be associated with the hormones in the woman’s body.

However, Ayurveda one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems has the best elixir to cure Oligomenorrhea . Salveo Life Sciences has fetched an effective way out to the disease. Salveo is the producer of various effective herbal medicines that have a high reputation across the global market. Salveo’s Putome Plus comes up with easy remedies to combat Oligomenorrhea. 

Putome Plus is a safe, effective, natural and multifaceted approach to female health from puberty to menopause. It arrests excessive bleeding and regularizes menstrual cycle, tones up endometrium and stimulates ovarian tissues. The capsule supplements the Iron and Calcium daily requirement and increases the hemoglobin and bone density as well. Ergo, puberty to menopause, Salveo’s Putome Plus helps to prevent the ailment oligomenorrhea and it uproots other diseases related to female reproductive health. 

Available as: Putome Plus Syrup and Capsules.

Dosage: Two teaspoon syrup twice and one capsule daily or as directed by physician.

Curb Breast Cancer without Side Effects with NONI

Cancer is spreading rapidly amongst people of almost every age. The breast cancer and the ovarian cancer is common amongst woman. Breast cancer can be fatal but if diagnosed at the right time it can be cured completely and the woman can be saved by partial or complete removal of the breast tissue.     

Let’s discuss three major risk factors for breast cancer briefly.    

  • Age: Usually, risk increases with age. More than half the risk increases after the age 60 to 65. One third risk occurs after age 75 years.
  • Family history: Women who have an especially strong family history, e.g., two or more first-degree relatives (a mother, daughter, or sister) along with breast or ovarian cancer, particularly before menopause carry a greater than 50% chance of developing breast cancer.
  • Genetics: Children of parents with a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation have more or less 50% chance of inheriting that particular gene mutation.

If detected at an early stage, medicines or removal of breast can be a good option. Herbal medicines can act as a good remedy for treating breast cancer. Salveo, a premium herbal medicine producers in India  have come up with products that are tried and tested and are absolutely safe for usage.

Noni has been widely known for its medicinal effects. Salveo Noni freeze dried powder is highly effective in reducing the bad effects of carcinogens and bacterial infections if one uses it from the primary stage. The organic supplement is made from Morinda Citrifolia fruit which is grown in the plantations of Salveo.

Noni fruit has excellent levels of carbohydrates and dietary fibre and it is a good source of the main micronutrient features includes exceptional vitamin C content and substantial amounts of niacin, iron and potassium. It is completely safe and effective for boosting immunity, increasing anti-oxidants that reduce the chances of breast cancer.  

Available as: Freeze dried Noni powder.  . 


Adult –  Powder of 1 sachet to be mixed wth a glass of water and drink once a day 30 minutes before meal.  

Children – Half of the adult dose.  

Use Salveo’s Putome Plus to cure abnormal white discharge

Leucorrhea or abnormal white discharge is a condition where a thick and sticky discharge releases from the vagina. It’s a common occurrence faced by all women during their reproductive years. There are no other indications and symptoms than white, sticky discharge normally but sometimes it is associated with itching or burning sensation as well.

Let’s discuss the causes of Leucorrhea briefly.

  • Hormonal disturbances
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Improper hygiene
  • Diseases like diabetes, anemia
  • Local injury

Due to this  condition, in many cases, an individual feels weak throughout the day. This also creates a ‘dragging sensation’ in the abdominal area of the affected person. Timely treatment of this condition is important and mandatory or else there are possibilities of this turning into a chronic ailment. Usually, women suffering from heavy menstrual periods are considerably prone to this disease which causes painful menstruation. There are countless of natural home remedies for menopause in Ayurveda to manage and cure leucorrhoea. Especially, diet plays a vital role in moderating this condition.

Salveo, one of the most reputed herbal medicine producers of the country comes up with Putome Plus . It is a safe,  effective, natural and multifaceted approach to female health from Puberty to Menopause. It arrests excessive bleeding and regularizes menstrual cycle, tones up endometrium and stimulates ovarian tissues apart from controlling the white discharge. Rich in phytoestrogens alleviates pre and post-menopausal symptoms. The capsule supplements the daily requirement of Iron and Calcium and increases the hemoglobin as well as bone density. Try it to believe it.

Available as: Putome Plus Syrup 

Dosage: Two teaspoon syrup twice and one capsule daily or as directed by the physician.

Stay away from Parkinson’s disease with Salveo Andaman Noni

According to Ayurvedshastra, Parkinson’s is co-related with kampavata. Especially, in old age this particular disease is more predominant in the body. This Parkinson’s disease relocates in the brain and dries up the brain cells leading to tremors and instability. Parkinson’s disease reflects massive vitiation of vata which occupies almost all channels of body.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice 

  • As environmental toxins are suspected to be behind the disease, avoiding them as much as possible is the one and only pathto reduce the risk of the disease.
  • Junk food, packed food, stale food, food items made of chemicals, pollution etc should be removed from diet list as quick as possible.
  • Diets and activities which aggravate vata should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Almonds, walnuts and other products boost the nervous system and control vata. Including those in diet is therefore the meaningful thing to do.
  • Ayurvedic massages, nasya, karnapuran, bastietc beef up the body and reduce vata diseases with maintainingthe health of nervous system. Their regular practice can help in low downthe risk of the disease.
  • Practice of Yoga to has always proved its matchless power to minimize vata diseases and maintaining the health of the nervous system.

Salveo Andaman Noni is incomparable as it is a natural and organic dietary supplement made of the Morinda Citrifolia fruit. It helps to eradicate Parkinson’s disease and reduces degeneration of brain cells. It also increases the level of Dopamine which is a neurotransmitter of human body. Noni fruit acts as a natural immune booster with more than 160 nutraceuticals, essential for maintaining and promoting the overall quality of life. It is brimming with Phyto nutrients which are highly effective natural anti-oxidant that boosts the immune system of the body. It is organically grown in the natural volcanic soil of Andaman & Nicobar Islands which also ensures high mineral content. It is a trusted name in every household and safe for use along with modern healthcare therapies.

Available as: Noni Freeze dried Powder sachets.        


Adult – Mix powder of sachet in a glass of water and drink 30 minutes before food, once daily.

Fight stroke with Salveo has the best natural remedy

When there is no blood supply to a part of the brain and it cannot get blood and oxygen properly, the condition can be described as Stroke. According to medical science, if blood flow is stopped for longer than a few seconds, brain cells can die because of irreparable damage. Stroke is also known as Paralysis. It affects central nervous system (CNS) which causes death of countless brain cells.

These are the primary causes of Stroke

  • High blood pressure
  • Increased cholesterol level in blood
  • Unmaintained diabetes
  • Heredity
  • Obesity
  • Indiscipline lifestyle
  • Cardiac diseases
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption

However, natural treatments like Salveo Andaman Noni, a natural and organic dietary supplement of the Morinda Citrifolia fruit helps to combat cardiac arrests. These fruits are organically grown. Noni is a natural immune booster with more than 160 nutraceuticals. Scopoletin, a phytonutrient of Noni dilates constricted blood vessels. Noni restores the depleted level of Q10 as provides calcium pantothenate, vit B1, B2, B6, niacinamide, folic acid and other essential amino acids that go into the synthesis of coenzyme Q10. Hence noni provides positive ionotropic effect. Noni convert homocysteine into methinine which prevents atherosclerosis. Noni reduces LDL and improves HDL. Noni stimulates production of Nitric oxide which help in lowering blood pressure, thus helpful in preventing Stroke.  It is also essential for maintaining and promoting the overall quality of life. It is a trusted name in every household and safe for use along with modern healthcare therapies. Salveo Andaman Noni is natural and free of side effects..

Available as: Freeze dried Noni sachets and capsules.



Adult – Take one capsule twice daily after food.  Take plenty of water or as advised by the physician.

Children (above 12 years) – One capsule a day after food.  . Take plenty of water or as advised by the physician.

Powder:-  Adult – Powder of one sachet to be mixed with a glass of water and drink once a day.

Salveo Provides All In One Solution For Melasma

In case of any massive hormonal change or any kind of body growth transformation or gradually increasing age, plenty of indications, symptoms and reactions are obvious in human body. Melasma is one of those indeed. It is considered as the mask of pregnancy as it is a very common spotty brown or blue-gray facial skin discoloration which almost every woman might have seen in their reproductive period of time. It usually emerges on the upper cheeks, forehead, and upper lip. The chin of a woman with age of 20-50 years also can be covered by melasma.

Ayurveda suggests a remarkable therapy in two different steps for a period of 28-40 days for the full cure of melasma.

  1. Aloe Vera Application: According to modern medical science, it has been revealed that Aloe Vera consists of mucilaginous polysaccharides (MPS) which has a significant result on lightening the dark spots. It also mitigates and lightens brown spots and other blemishes. According to Ayurveda this must be applied gently on the face and washing off after few minutes.
  2. Orange Peel Application: Take a fresh orange peel added with milk and apply the mixture on the particular area. Leave the mixture for at least 25 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water and properly dry with a clean towel.

Salveo Life Sciences is one of the most reputed ayurvedic medicines producers of the country offers the best ayurvedic remedies. The company comes up with effective medicine for Melasma that has plenty of natural ingredients that help to cure the ailment completely without any side effect.

MELATRU is an anti-pigmentation cream produced by Salveo for all types of skin problems. It repairs damages caused due to UV light and cures Melasma. Under eye dark circles can be reduced as well. It has the natural qualities of Aloe vera, Vetiver, Citrus aurantium, crocus sativus and Curcuma longa that inhibit pigmentation by suppressing Melanocyte stimulation and exhibit antibacterial activity.

Direction for use: Wash face before use, pat dry with clean towel and massage gently on affected skin until absorbed twice daily  .

No More ‘sleepless nights’! Salveo has the Best Elixir to Resolve the Problem

Round the clock working hours and restless life is common today. From working professionals to a toddler, each individual is consciously or unconsciously sacrificing sleep as just a mere part of life. But in near future, it may create a tough situation for you.

According to the medical science, sleep is one of the pillars of human physiology. It is considered to be as significant as diet in maintaining body growth, transformations, cell productions and balance in the systems within the body as well. Human body repairs the damaged cells and accelerates the inner growth of the body only during the sleep. It heals andboosts each necessary part of the system with the help of sound sleep especially when body is in complete rest.   Human mind and emotions also become balanced through sleep.

However, in order to eradicate the complications due to insufficient sleep and accelerate the process to achieve stress free sound sleep every night, you can rely on natural remedies. Noni fruit can be considered as a smart solution to help you solve this problem.

Salveo Life Sciences,one of the most reputed Ayurvedic medicine producers of the country has come up withSalveo Andaman Noni capsules and freeze dried powder. The fruit is said to improve mood and also induce sleep for those who has a sleep disorder.  Noni stimulates the production of melatonin and serotonin in the body that works to improve the sleep quality of those who suffers from insomnia. This is a natural and organic dietary supplement of the MorindaCitrifolia fruit.

It is a complete natural immune booster with more than 160 nutraceuticals, necessary for maintaining and promoting the overall quality of life. Salveo Andaman Noni boosts immunity and is rich in anti-oxidants. It targets the problems of all age groups and enables one to regain and retain health.

Available as: Freeze dried Noni Powder

Sachet – 3.5 gm X 30 sachets

Capsule – 550 mg X 60 capsules

Safe and Effective


Capsule – 1 capsule twice daily before food or as advised by the Physician.

Sachet- Powder of 1 sachet to be mixed in a glass of water drink before food once daily or as advised by the Physician.