Buff up your skin with MELATRU Ayurvedic Cream

We all crave for patch less and radiant skin! And you are not an exception, Correct? Well, if you wish to have a clear and flawless skin, it’s the right time to tackle those skin issues like a flash.

Today, one of the most common and persistent skin conditions out there is Melasma! If you’re looking for a Melasma cure that really salutary, you need to first learn what you’re dealing with.

Melasma! Oh. What does it mean?

Well, don’t panic! Primarily, it’s nothing but a skin hyperpigmentation which is a very common skin condition. According to various medical daybooks of Dermatology, Melasma has been saddened the glowing faces of million people all over the country and it is more common among women than men. Yes! It’s true. Melasma impedes the natural color of the skin and leads to the formation of brown patches on the face.

Okay! Now, you need to know about the disease little more. The main reason of Melasma is excess melanin production in skin cells due to excessive sun exposure. However, other factors also contribute to this scrape, including the helter-skelter of hormones within our body, excessive stress, toxins, thyroid problems and depleting birth control pills.

Let’s get into a little bit more! There are three types of Melasma according to area affected by hyperpigmentation on the face.

1. Centro Facial Melasma : Affects the center part of the face as the forehead, cheeks, upper lip, nose and chin.

2. Malar Melasma :  It affects the cheek areas and the upper cheeks.

3. Mandibular Melasma :  It affects the area of  jaw bones  or mandibular region.

Now, let’s try some easy natural solutions! Here are the top two home remedies for Melisma that can wipe off the swarthiness on face and other skin problems.

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a natural skin lightener with superb astringent properties. The acidic nature of lemon juice helps to remove the outer layer of the skin, thereby, erdicating a layer of the hyperpigmented skin.

•    Extract the juice from one fresh lemon.
•    Apply it on the affected areas and gently rub it around for one or two minutes.
•    Leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.
•    Follow this remedy twice daily and you should see improvement within three weeks.
2. Aloe Vera Gel

Due to the presence of mucilaginous polysaccharides in Aloe Vera gel, it can alleviate hyperpigmentation and restore your skin’s original color. It can also remove dead skin cells and promote regeneration of new skin cells.
•    Cut open an Aloe Vera leaf and extract the fresh gel.
•    Apply the gel thoroughly on the affected area and gently massage for one or two minutes.
•    Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, and then wash it off with lukewarm water.
•    Follow this remedy twice daily for a few weeks.

But, wait!! There is still something to advise and you can consider it as a caution. Yes! There are several creams available at market avouching natural skin pigmentation solution but they alleged to sell artificial products amalgamated with harmful steroids. Apart from that, numerous chemical peels, dermabrasion, and microdermabrasion are more than enough to damage your skin and cause serious side effects on your health.

Ah! No need to fold your forehead as Salveo Life Science, which is one of the best Ayurvedic medicine producers in the country and known for its large number of effective Ayurvedic home remedies comes up with MELATRU.

Now, what is MELATRU??

MELATRU is an anti-pigmentation cream for all types of skin. It repairs damages caused due to UV light. MELATRU has no side effects and it is completely natural. Not enough? Okay, it also reduces brown spots and other skin discoloration including dark circles. It has the unique compilation of Aloe vera, Vetiver and Curcuma longa that inhibits pigmentation by suppressing melanocyte stimulation and exhibit antibacterial activity. So, why waste time preparing herbal face packs at home? Salveo’s MELATRU Cream is a one-stop solution for all skin problems.
Therefore, boot out all the skin related issues and especially Melasma with MELATRU Cream made from completely natural extracts without any tension as many are perhaps waiting to see your glistening face. Isn’t it?

Go Natural this Holi and Stay Healthy with Salveo

Holi is just around the corner and it is obvious that you are excited to celebrate this festival with your loved ones. This festival of color, bids adieu to  winter and heralds the arrival of spring season. Traditionally, Holi was played with beautiful colors extracted from wonderful flowers as well as herbs. As per the legends of ancient India, Lord Krishna enjoyed playing Holi with Tesu flowers that bloomed during the springtime and known for its medicinal properties.

Undoubtedly, natural colors prepared from herbs and flowers have a lot of therapeutic values which are good for hair, skin and health as a whole. Nowadays the market is flooded with synthetic colors that cause dangerous effects on human bodies such as skin rashes, acne, allergies, rhinitis, asthma, allergic cough, dermatitis and also skin cancer. Oxidized metals, industrial dyes and other harmful chemicals are often used to get long-lasting colors and therefore pose massive health hazards. The toxin used in the colors not only harmsusbut also damage the environment when they are washed away.

Have fun and frolic during Holi but make sure you use safe and natural colors devoid of dangerous chemicals.  Here are a few tips you should follow to prepare natural colors and shield your health from all types of ailments.

  • For herbal red color, dry the red rose petals in sun and when they become crisp they should be kept in a mixer in order to get the powder form. A little bit of flour can be added to increase the volume.
  • Use high quality heena ormehendi and even mix it with adequate amount of flour in order to get green herbal color for Holi.
  • Mix good quality turmeric powder with flour and get herbal yellow color.
  • To play Holi with water, you canbuy Tesu flowers and soak them in water overnight to get the beautiful saffron color. Fill up water cannons or balloons with this safe and colorful water.

Play Holi with home-made and natural colors and stay fit and fine. Use of natural color devoid of toxins is a must and in spite of it if you fall sick, you should try out Salveo’s herbal remedies. If you face any skin related problems or cough and cold, Salveo Life sciences brings for you some effective remedies to naturally cure your ailments. For any skin related problems like rashes or acne, you can try Akpre cream twice daily. Playing holi for long hours with water may cause cough and cold. Try Lobodil suspension or Tuswas syrup. For effective hair cleaning, you can also use Presoria shampoo of Salveo.

Lobodil suspension -This powerful mass cell stabilizer prevents the release of inflammatory mediators that cause asthma and can improve your immune system. It offers bronchodilating, mucolytic and expectorant actions.

Dosage: Adults: 10ml twice daily.

Children:5 ml twice daily or as advised by the physician. (It should be taken in the morning in empty stomach or one hour before meal at night)

Tuswas Syrup-It is an effective cough syrup that is used for the treatment of all types of cough. Medical conditions such as nasal congestion, sneezing and so on also can be cured with this medicine.

Dosage: Adult: 1 to 2 teaspoons for 3 to 4 times daily

Children: 1 teaspoon for 3 to 4 times per day

Akpre Cream (Acne, skin issues):

It offers a complete herbal care for your skin. Rich in multivitamins, this herbal cream helps to nourish the skin and cures acne or pimples .Herbs that are used in the cream can protect the skin from harmful free radicals as well as inhibit premature aging.

Dosage: Apply it gently, twice daily on a clean and dry face or as prescribed by the doctor.

Presoria Cleanser

Dosage: Take only small amount of shampoo as well as massage gently on wet scalp and hair. Leave it for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Make sure you repeat the procedure whenever required.

Use of natural color devoid of toxins is a must and in spite of it, if you fall sick, you should try out Salveo’s herbal remedies.

Try Salveo’s Herbal Remedy for Anorexia & Experience the Difference

Anorexia is a chronic psychological condition that causes severe eating disorder characterized by extreme fear of weight gain and also a distorted perception of body. It ultimately leads to abnormally low body weight relative to Body Mass Index.  This is a function of an individual’s height and weight, which causes extreme and needless weight loss, illogical fear of weight gain. Along with this there is a distorted perception of self-image and body.Surprisingly it occurs even in children and teenagers apart from adults. This ailment can affect everyone. In Ayurveda, the age old natural healing procedure of India, this medical condition is termed as ‘Aruchi’. As per the, historians there has been evidence of patients displaying various symptoms of anorexia even thousands of years back.

Causes of Anorexia

Anorexia is the third most common chronic ailment occurred amongst youth in the US and also other countries of the world. Not a single cause has been identified for this disease and it can occur due to biological and environmental factors. The environmental factors include depression, migraine, food contamination, stress, high blood pressure, gastroenteritis, indigestion, nasal congestion and sinusitis. Chronic diseases including anemia and jaundice also cause this problem. Peer pressure to look attractive and thin and also the selection of professions that cause weight loss also can contribute to this illness. Anorexia is caused also due to biological factors such as nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance and genetic problems.

Common symptoms of this ailment

Anyone with anorexia reveals one or multiple symptoms that are as follows:

  • Following strict diet regime despite being underweight
  • Obsessed about fat and calorie count
  • Reducing weight drastically
  • Vomiting secretly after consumption of meals
  • Experiencing loss of appetite, smell as well as taste
  • Feeling cramps in the abdomen
  • Following rigorous workouts

Ayurvedic approach to Anorexia

As already mentioned, Anorexia is termed as Aruchi in Ayurveda and it occurs due to the problem of the digestion process.  Loss of interest in food and willingness to skip meals are the common symptoms of Aruchi.  It even causes behavioral changes.

In Ayurveda, ‘Jataragni’ is the digestive fire that leads to the drastic change in the habit of food consumption. It results in the production of ‘ama’ that is partial digestion of food with toxic ingredients. It results in the blockage of channels or ‘srothas’ that develops life force or transmits nutrients in the body. In turn, it can disturb the sense of taste in a person.

Below are the types of Aruchi or Anorexia in Ayurveda

  • VatajaAruchi: It creates an astringent or harsh taste in the mouth.
  • PaittikAruchi: It causes sourness or bitterness of taste in the mouth.
  • KaphajaAruchi: It means to develop sweet taste in the mouth and experience appetite loss
  • SannipathajaAruchi: It is known to be one such disorder that shows the symptoms of all the three above-mentioned ‘Aruchis’
  • AgantujaAruchi: Vathadoshas is predominant in this ailment. Therefore it is vital that the patient should remain happy that can improve self-confidence as well as cures Anorexia.

Home remedies for Anorexia

There are a few common home remedies for anorexia that can help recover the loss of taste. It is advisable to eat warm and freshly prepared food. Make sure that you should take meals at regular intervals and prevent eating snacks in between the meals for proper digestion. Enjoy the company of your close friends and relatives that help to reduce stress and improve the digestion process. Practice certain yogas such as Vajarasan as well as Pawanmuktasan for the treatment of anorexia.

Get Rid of Anorexia Naturally with Salveo’s Gro-App medicine

Salveo Life Sciences comes up with the best and herbal remedy GRO-APP syrup for the patients with anorexia. Using Ayurvedic principles, Salveo’s remedy proves to be effective and cures the symptoms quickly. It is prepared from herbal ingredient such asForniculumvulgare(Fennel seeds),Zingibarofficinale, Cuminumcyminum and Embeliaribes.

Fennel seeds are rich inantispasmodic, anti-flatulent and stomachic effects. It helps to relax the muscles of the abdomen, decreases spasm, reduces gas in the intestine and cures pain. Fennel seeds have been utilized for treating indigestion, diarrhea, and colicand so on. Zingibarofficinale helps to cure spasm of involuntary muscle, improve appetite and prevent the formation or help in the expulsion of flatulence.

Cuminumcyminum:The thymol content in cumin, together with the presence of other essential oils helps in the stimulation of the salivary glands and therefore leads to better digestion of foods.

Embeliaribes- vidang is used to stimulate digestive fire and it is used to cure abdominal pain, flatulence, ascites and warm infestation.

Compared to various allopathic medicines available in the market, they do not induce drowsiness or any other side effects. It is an effective herbal formulation that can normalize the appetite-satiety rhythm. It can increase the appetite by improving the process of digestion, curing anorexia and increasing weight.  Moreover, this Ayurvedic formulation shows carminative action that helps to reduce griping pain, soothes the gut wall and also cures the abdominal colic. It also improves the overall functioning of the intestine and cures indigestion issues.

Dosage: ADULT- Two teaspoons twice daily or as directed by the doctor before food when use as an appetizer and as digestant use after meal.

CHILDREN- half of adult dose.

Heal up Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Amproz Syrup of Salveo Life Sciences

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a chronic gastrointestinal disorder and it causes abdominal pain, bloating, gas, cramping and constipation or diarrhea or both. In maximum cases, people can prevent this ailment and its relevant symptoms by managing your stress level, erratic lifestyle and irregular diet.

In Ayurveda, the similar condition is termed as Grahani or Sangrahani. In a human body, Grahani is where enzymes or Agni can be found. Generally, Grahani stores food till it is digested and then releases the same food after digestion. However, when this process is disturbed due to poor digestive enzymes, it discharges the ingested material and causes indigestion problem.


Since prevention is always better than cure, you should try to avoid the factors that lead to this medical condition.  According to Ayurveda, the following are the common causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome:

  • Irregular eating habits
  • Indigestion
  • Consumption of food late at night and even when you are not hungry
  • Eating oily, spicy and fermented food
  • Excessive drinking of coffee and tea
  • Excessive consumption of non-vegetarian food
  • Holding up urine and bowels for a long time
  • Suffering from disturbed sleep
  • Consumption of food that is difficult to digest and also the one that you are allergic to
  • Indulge in excessive sexual activities
  • Suffering from mental issues such as anxiety, fear, sorrow and stress

Common symptoms

The symptoms of IBS may vary from one person to the other. Below are a few common symptoms associated with this medical condition:

  • Experiencing chronic pain in the abdomen, bloating or cramping that can be cured either fully or partially by the passage of bowels
  • Formation of excessive amount of gas
  • Presence of mucus in the stool
  • Suffering from constipation or diarrhea or sometimes experiencing alternating bouts of constipation and diarrhea
  • Formation of mucus in the stool
  • Urgent need to go to toilet immediately after meal
  • Feel like you have not released bowel completely
  • Other symptoms include anorexia, water accumulation in the edema, joint pain, fever, regurgitation with foul odor, heartburn, and vomiting

Moreover, abdominal pain that progresses or occurs at night, rectal bleeding and weight loss are the symptoms that indicate a serious medical condition.

Home remedies for IBS

There are a few home remedies recommended for the patients suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. These include drinking six to eight glasses of water, eating fruits such as pomegranate and buttermilk and so on. Have a good night sleep. Isabgol is an excellent source of soluble fiber and gives relief from constipation and is highly recommended for the individuals afflicted with IBS.

Practicing yogas such as Dhanurasana, Shavasana, Matsyasana, Pavanmuktasana, Halasana, Suryanamaskar are also advised for them.

Amproz syrup from Salveo Life Sciences is an herbal remedy for effective relief of this problem. It is a unique herbal formulation rich in amoebicidal as well as anti-protozoal properties.  Herbal extracts that are used for the preparation of this herbal syrup:

Holarrhena Antidysentrica: Helps in the treatment of amoebic dysentery

Aegle Marmelos:  Rich in astringent properties that cure pain and uneasiness in the abdomen.

Myristica fragrans: Known for its carminative property that eliminates gas and cures colic pain.

Allopathic medicines are also available in the market but it can offer temporary solution and also has side effects.  Compared to these drugs, Salveo’s Amproz syrup is devoid of any harmful chemical ingredient and is only prepared from herbal extracts stuffed with medicinal values. It is used for curing chronic amoebiasis, recurrent diarrhea as well as various gastrointestinal disorders.

Dosage:  For adults, two to three teaspoons two times per day before meal

For kids, one to two teaspoons twice daily

Or as advised by the doctor

Get Relief from Hepatitis Naturally with Salveo’sLivful Medicine

Hepatitis is the swelling of the liver and it is caused due to a viral infection. However, it is also caused due to other factors like toxins such as alcohol, effects of certain medicines, industrial solvent, plants, and autoimmune ailments and so on.

The viral ailment of liver called Hepatitis can be categorized as Hepatitis B, D, A, E and C. Different types of virus are actually responsible for the above mentioned virally transmitted ailment.

Hepatitis A: It occurs because of an infection of the harmful virus Hepatitis A. In fact, it is mostly spread by consuming contaminated food items or water by the feces from one afflicted with hepatitis A. In fact, its incubation period is two to seven weeks.

Hepatitis B: It can be spread through contact with the infectious fluids like blood, vaginal secretions that contain hepatitis B virus. Performing sex with a partner with Hepatitis B, sharing the razor of a patient of Hepatitis B also can enhance the risk of suffering from this ailment.

Hepatitis C:  This disease can be transmitted through contact with infected fluids of the body through injection drug use. Performance of sex with the person suffering from Hepatitis C can also cause this disease.

Hepatitis D: Commonly known as delta hepatitis, it is a chronic liver ailment caused due to the virus called Hepatitis D. It can be contracted due to contact with the contaminated blood. Interestingly, it is a rare kind of ailment that is only caused in conjunction with Hepatitis B. Hepatitis D virus multiplies only in the presence of the Hepatitis B virus.


Hepatitis E: This type of hepatitis is caused due to Hepatitis virus of the same name. It mostly occurs in people residing in the places with poor sanitation and also from ingesting feces that contaminate the whole supply of water. It is undoubtedly a waterborne ailment.


The recent assessment by World Health Organization (WHO) shows in that in our country, nearly forty million people are afflicted with Hepatitis B while six to twelve million people are infected with Hepatitis C.

Symptoms of Hepatitis

Interestingly, these symptoms can vary from one patient to another.  As per the prestigious National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), a few patients with Hepatitis do not show any symptom at all. Below are a few common symptoms of this disease:

  • Chronic pain in the abdomen
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Light –colored stools
  • Acute Diarrhea
  • Passage of dark-colored urine
  • Jaundice

Salveo’s Livful tablet, the natural cure for Hepatitis

  • Unlike the allopathic drugs and home remedies, the LIVFUL DS tab, or syrup or Livful drop of Salveo is only prepared from herbal ingredients rich in medicinal properties and it is also devoid of side effects. Herbs such as Picrorhizakurrora, Andrographis paniculata and Holarrhenaanti dysenterica are used for the preparation of LIVFUL DS tab, or syrup or drop.
  • Andrographis paniculata offers ‘hepatoprotection’ and it is also rich in antiviral properties.
  • Phyllanthus niruri- the extract of this plant can cure Hepatitis, because it blocks DNA polymerase ‘the enzyme’ which is needed to reproduce the hepatitis virus.
  • Holarrhenaantidysenterica is vital in curing chronic intestinal amoebiasis and abscesses. Moreover, this medicine can be safely used for a long period of time. This medicine can also be helpful for the treatment of colic pain and disorder in the digestive system.

Available as:  LIVFUL DS tab, or syrup and drop


Adults:    LIVFUL DS tab-2 tablets twice daily

                   LIVFUL DS syrup -2TSP twice daily (before meal)

Kids:              Half of the adult dose

Livful drops; 1to 2 years – 5drop twice daily

Get rid of hepatitis through regular consumption of Salveo’s Livful medicine. Stay fit and healthy like never before.

Cure Erectile Dysfunction with Salveo’s Vignor Forte

Erectile dysfunction is the disability to keep the erection firmduring intercourse. Facing this issue of erectionmay not be necessarily a cause of concern but if it recurs time and again, it may affect your confidence and also lead to relationship issue with your partner. According to the experts, this dysfunctioncan be a sign of an underlying health condition that calls for immediate medical attention.


Interestingly, this male sexual dysfunction is a complex issue that involves hormones, nerves, blood vessels and muscles. It occurs due to physical or psychological issues or a combination of both.

What physical causes are there?

Common physical causes include:

  • deterioration of the arteries – this is a physical change which is common in older men, including those with  high blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • being obese and out-of-condition
  • side-effects of certain drugs, notably ones for blood pressure and depression
  • effects of recreational drugs, like cocaine
  • Cardiovascular diseases, hormonal imbalance, prostate cancer, kidney failure and liver ailments and so on. Alcoholism and other types of substance abuse may also affect sexual desire in you.

Do you find several cases in peopledue to psychological reasons?

Yes, particularly in the young. In general, erectile dysfunction is quite likely to be psychological rather than physical if the man is still waking with morning erection and can still get a good erection by masturbation.

Common psychological causes of erection difficulties include:

  • nerves – especially about performing
  • guilt – notably if you’re trying to have sex with somebody else’s wife
  • relationship problems – especially if you’re no longer keen on your partner
  • latent  gayness – for instance, if you’re a basically gay guy, trying to have sex with a woman
  • Depression
  • Exhaustion
  • Nervousness, fear, feeling of helplessness arising due to marital discord also contributes to this sexual dysfunction.
  • In a lot of cases, ED turns out to be due to a mixture of psychological and physical causes.

Let’s discuss the Diet & Lifestyle to cure the ailment easily:

  • Take fresh, chemical free diet, as many chemicals used for growing and manufacturing food can affect central nervous system functioning and sexual arousal as well.
  • Prevent indigestion, constipation and vitiation of ApanVayu which is responsible for penile erection.
  • Avoid various food products that can lead to formation of gas such as brinjal, potato, beans potato, beans, peas etc. and consume vegetables, fruits, various spices such as dry ginger. It is advisable that you shouldtake drinks such as lemon water that are effective in releasing gases effectively.
  • Excessive salt, acids, tobacco & alcohol too should be avoided religiously to extirpate ED. Most of the dry fruits, fresh fruits and milk products increase the sexual vigor.
  • Last in the sequence but not clichéd, consuming pure ghee and dry fruits like almond and cashew boost sexual vigor and prevent erectile dysfunction.

Remedies at your fingertips!

To cure this issue and stay in the pink of health, certain cardiovascular activities such as running, swimming, brisk walking and jogging are recommended for the people.  However, the results derived from these remedies are slow and they also do not cure this issue permanently. A few allopathic medicines are available in the market but they offer a temporary solution only. The worst part is that these medicines are prepared from harmful chemicals and they cause damage to the human body.

Best Remedy Offered by Salveo Life Sciences

If you are looking for a natural and permanent cure of erectile dysfunction devoid of side effects, then Salveo Life Sciences can offer you perfect solution. The brand comes up with Vignor Forte capsule– the herbal and the most effective remedy for this illness. It is an effective nonhormonal stimulant that helps to normalize libido and improve one’s vigor.  Premature ejaculation, nocturnal ejaculation, sexual debility and reduced blood flow in the penis are also cured with this medicine. No harmful ingredient is used and it is also clinically tested by the medical experts. That it is safe and effective is a proven fact!

Here are a few key herbal ingredients used for the preparation of this herbal capsule of Salveo:

KAUNCH – It is a prolectine hormone released by the pituitary gland which is considered to be the cause for erection failure in men.Kaunch are known to release L-Dopa which combines dopamine to restrict the release of prolactine hormone by pituitary glands.Kaunchhelps to increase libido.

Safedmusili-It provides strength to penile tissue, improves hardness, and helps sustaining longer erections. Its main function is to provide the strength, acts on testes, improves hormone profile, and induces spermatogenesis. All these things help together to improve erections as well.

ShudhShilajit:A natural immune booster that helps to enhance strength and vitality of the body.

Fulvic acid in shilajit supports normal brain health.

Stress and aging decrease levels of acetycholine, and shilajit has been found to inhibit the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine. So it controls aging process and depression also.

Proteins like beta-amyloid plaque and tau can build up over time in the brain and cause nerve damage related to cognitive decline. Shilajit has been shown to drive oxygen, minerals and nutrients into the brain tissue and support the brain’s natural ability to drain these potentially damaging proteins.

Ashwaganadha:An ingredient that enhances endurance, reinstates sexual drive, improves energy as a whole and also initiates tranquil mind.This is used to boostingimmunity,anti-ageing, joint pain, and insomnia. Asgvgandha means ‘smell of horse’, the herb that can improve the strength and virility of horse.Ashvgandha is compared well with Siberian ginseng and corean ginseng in its adaptogenic properties and hence it is popularly known as Indian ginseng.

Talmakhana: The seeds are keen stimulant to male genital system and are beneficial for the treatment of sexual debility, premature ejaculation, erectile failure and oligospermia.

Dosage: One capsule twice a day or as directed by physician

Use VignorFortecapsule of Salveo to cure erectile dysfunction and restore your normal sexual life.

Bid Adieu to Arthritis with Herbal Medicines of Salveo Life Sciences

Arthritis is a common problem and no fun at any time of the year.

Now let’s have a quick look at what arthritis is and also the relevant facts related to it.

The joints in our body are complex structures consisting of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and other tissues.

joint pain is refers to discomfort, stiffness and  aches, in any of the body’s joints. Joint pain is a common complaint. Sometimes, joint pain is the result of an injury or illness. Arthritis is also a common cause of joint pain. However, it can also be due to other conditions or factors.

According to the medical experts, arthritis is the inflammation of the joints and it can affect one to multiple joints. people of all races and sexes are susceptible to this ailment. In the US, more than fifty million adults and nearly 300,000 kids suffer from arthritis and it occurs more frequently as people grow older.  Obesity is also closely linked with it. The more you put on extra kilos, the more you are prone to develop this disease.

Two most common types of arthritis are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Common Symptoms

  •  Joint pain
  • Joint tenderness
  • Joint swelling
  • Joint redness
  • Joint warmth
  • Joint stiffness
  • Joint Movement is restrained.
  • Many joints affected ( polyarthritis )
  • Joint deformity
  • Both sides of the body affected (symmetric)
  • Loss of joint function
  • Fever

Arthritis symptoms can be noticed during early morning. In case of rheumatoid arthritis, you feel exhausted and you also suffer from loss of appetite. You may become anemic and also develop a slight fever. Chronic rheumatoid arthritis may also lead to deformity of joint if it is left untreated.

Salveo’s Ostranil: A Perfect Natural Cure for Arthritis

Now people are moving away from allopathic medicines for the harmful chemical compounds present in them and are fast switching to natural products. The relief from allopathic treatments is temporary and to top it all, it has a lot of side effects. Salveo Life Sciences comes up with Ostranil, one of the safest and most effective herbal remedies for arthritis. It is available in the form of tablets, gel, oil and capsules.

Ostranil Oil

It is your perfect pick for control gouty arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, frozen shoulder and cervical and lumbar spondylitis. Unlike other existing pain relief ointments available in the market, it offers faster and deeper penetration and helps you to cure pain and inflammation issues. Herbal ingredients such as Mahanarayan oil, Gandhapura oil, Mahavishgarbha oil are used for the preparation of this herbal oil or gel. In this shallaki gum  contains a mixture of boswellia acid.It is widely used as a substitute to modern pain killer medicine. It  have aminoacid glucosonamine, help to slow joint degeneration and also help realiving in inflammation of joint.

Dosage:  You have to massage this oil at least three to four times in a day in the affected area gently followed by hot fomentation.

Ostranil Plus Tablets and Ostranil capsules

Both Ostranil Plus and Ostranil capsules are effective in pain management as well as treatment of inflammation related arthritis, muscle injury and spondylitis. Compared to other painkillers, they do not produce live toxicity and other side effects. Instead of temporary relief, Ostranil medicines focuses on the root cause of arthritis and also offer permanent solution. They can strengthen the bones due to high calcium content and also decrease the production of uric acid. No harmful chemical compound is used and they are only prepared from herbal ingredients such as hemidesmusindicus contains alkolids  ‘ Tylophorine’  acts as anti-inflammatory , antispasmodic ,and anaphylactic in nature, also controle nerve disorder.,boerhaaviadiffusa  , reduse inflammation of joint and  also act as natural COX-2 inhibitor and so  on – all stuffed with medicinal values. Ostranil plus tablets and capsules having tendancy of joint rejuvenate. To ensure the safety of these products, clinical trials are conducted in India and also in other countries.

Dosage – Ostranil Plus capsules:  1-2 tablets twice daily.

Ostranil Capsules:   1 Capsule twice daily with lukewarm water.  It is effective when used in combination with Ostranil oil and gel.

Ostranil Gel

This polyherbal formulation gives you relief from pain related to the musculoskeletal inflammatory disorder. It has water base that offers faster and deeper penetration and it is stain free. The key herbal ingredients such as Shallaki , Gandhpura Oil and Eucalyptus globulus are used for its preparation.

Dosage: 1-2 grams three times in a day, to be applied gently with a circular motion.

Use this herbal remedies from SalveoLife Sciences and keep arthritis at bay. Lift up your spirit and enjoy your life.

Herbs to keep your immune system strong

Enhancing immunity is indispensable today as germs and viruses have been fortifying themselves rapidly.According to the nutritionists, poor diet is a major reason for our illness in winter. There is no proper quick fix for the common cold or flu or sinusitis, but yes, consuming nutritional natural foods during this season can help you combat with sickness and beef up your immunity power. Let’s step a foot ahead on this topic as you never know you may get the easy solution that you are looking for.

Our immunity system always requires balance and harmony to function properly. There is still a lot to uncover as researchers are not aware of the intricacies and hidden facts of the immune response. Here are some top nutritional immune boosters that can quickly enhance your living.

To improve the overall health, herb and spices have been playing a major role for decades. They help in faster healing of wounds, act as nutritional supplements and also deliver a host of benefits. Herbs strengthen the immune system. Lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, have anti-inflammatory properties, prevent Alzheimer’s diseases as well as various types of cancer.

Herbs eliminate nutritional deficiencies and thus restore the correct functioning of the body. They rectify various problems rather than suppressing them. It is also said that herbs nourish every part of the body with their vitamin and mineral content. In short, our body needs certain essential dietary nutrients to meet the everyday demands of life and herbs provide us with most of the necessary components for a healthy life.

The specific combinations are made by considering different aspects and phases of health needs. They are powerful nutritional agents with the goodness of many herbs mixed together to ensure good health, as compared to a single herb being used for one treatment at a time. Some herbal combinations are made for specific ailments like hypertension, insomnia, blood pressure, and gastritis, while others promote general well being like energy production, skin care, healthy brain functioning, and weight control.

Health Benefits of some Herb

ShudhGuggul: Guggul is a flowering plant widely used as a medicinal herb. It helps in weight management, relieves joint pain and menstrual pain, improves circulation, lowers cholesterol and alleviates skin problems. This herb also increases white blood cell counts and protects against ailments like the common cold, skin, dental, and eye infections.

Amla – It contains vit.C , minerals, calcium, phosphorus and iron, carotene and vit. B complex. This is a powerful antioxidant. In Eye, Amla reduce macular degeneration, improve vision. Help to increase calcium absorption, improve metabolism, enhances phagocytic activity. Amla also having Chromium, which help to reduce or control LDL and stimulate isolated group of cells that secrete the hormone insulin, there by reduce B.Sugar in diabetic patients. Help to reduce stress.

Licorice root- It have an antispasmodic effects on the gastrointestinal tract. Thereby, the bacterium in the intestine is converted into a substance that acts as a liver protective agent by neutralizing free radical. A study shows that, it can be used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of liver. Licorice root stimulates the adrenal glands; the herb can be helpful to treat Addison’s disease. Licorice root having anti-viral substance help to protect us to influenza and common cold.

Kali Mirch- It contains essential nutrients that your tissues need to function and also contains phytonutrients helps to combat diseases. Kali Mirch having  vit.C, vit.A, carotenes and other antioxidants that neutralize the harmful free radicals from the body.

Tulsi- It eradicates many diseases such as fever, cardiac, respiratory disorder. Tulsi helps to improve voice, act as a stress remover and helps to reduce the episode of asthma.

Lasun- It helps to reduce LDL cholesterol  and  protects from heart attack and stroke. Lasun contains allicin that has antifungal attributes. It also improves over all neurological health. Also, this is the natural and softer way to get rid of lead deposition.

Maharasnadikwath – This is the complex of 26 herbs. It is anti-rheumatic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, neuroprotector, carminative, and last but not the least antioxidant.

Manjistha- It helps to reduce anxiety and depression. Act as a muscle relaxant. Scientific study shows that it  regulates  B.P., helps to prohibit blood clots formation, and promotes the healing of skin tissue damaged by injury or infection.

Giloy – It is known as AMRITA due to its unique medicinal properties. Giloy act as an immunity booster, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, acardiac tonic. It is considered one of the best medicines for urinary tract infection and anaemia. It improves vision, good for eyes, and also has healing properties.  Accharya Charak  had used giloy as a Medhyarasayan which is a brain tonic.

Well, now it is difficult to get these nutrients daily! Isn’t it? But, Salveo Life Sciences comes up with Sepno syrup. It is your one of the best ayurvedic home remedies thatimproves the entire immune system naturally. Prepared using natural plants like Guggul andTinosporacordifolia, it is an effective immune booster that protects you all over the year . Herbs like glycyrrhizaglabra potentiates your reticuloendothelial system and improves the immune stimulation. emblicaofficinalis present in Sepno also works with potent anti-oxidant actions.  No harmful chemical ingredient is used during the preparation of this herbal medicine. Therefore, now you can enjoy life without ailments as Salveo offers you the one-stop solution and strong immune boosterSepno.

Available as:  Sepno Syrup and Tablets

Dosage:  Adult- 2 tsp thrice a day

Children: 1 tsp three twice a day.


BPH or in simpler words Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a common ailment among the aged men. Although the scientific reasons behind this ailment are yet to be unraveled, it has been directly related to an enlarged prostate. The end-result is that you will have problems in urinating. The symptoms are too obvious to ignore. However, there are remedies to it.

What is BPH?

Prostate is a small gland, located in the pelvis between the penis and bladder. This is the part of male reproductive system. Prostate produces the seminal fluid that nourishes and transports sperm. If prostate is enlarge that cause difficulty to pass urine, this condition called BPH and also it can place pressure on the bladder and urethra (the urethra runs through the center of prostate, from the bladder to the penis, letting urine flow out of the body)

Mostly the men age over 50 yr is suffered from prostate enlargement. The activity and growth of the prostate is stimulated by male hormone androgen that is testosterone produced by testicles.

You have BPH if you have these –

Typical Symptoms:

  • Problem in urinating.
  • Burning and painful urination.
  • Discomfort in pelvic region.
  • Blockage of urethra.
  • A weak stream or you pee in stops and starts.
  • Incontinence or unable to control the urge.
  • Unavoidable urgency.
  • Nocturnal yearnings.

The fundamental reason is that you have a large prostate. Not a good thing at all, instead that’s just what’s causing all the problems in the first place. There’s nothing alarming in an enlarging prostate. Matter of fact, it’s only natural. You start enlarging it when you hit puberty, where you end up actually doubling it. You grow it again when you’re 25.

After that though, most men continue growing their prostates for the rest of their lives. You may or may not be among most men. But if you are, there’s a chance that you’re running the risk of BPH. The point is though, BPH is not the obvious conclusion to things.



  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Avoid things that cause indigestion.
  3. Avoid excessive alcohol, ghee, oil, new grains and salt.
  4. Avoid sea food
  5. Appropriate sleep, sexual activity and exercise.
  6. Avoid stress, excessive exercises.
  7. Avoid suppression of urges.


Remedies if Any?

First things first, the higher your age, higher you are suspect to falling under side effects of allopathic drugs. So, you need to resort to other constituents, just where herbal alternatives come into the picture.

Salveo Life Sciences is one of the most popular brands when it comes to herbal or natural products to multiple ailments and diseases. They have come up with a Prostasafe, a strong and safely natural solution to solve BPH once and for all.

Prostasafe boasts of the following natural ingredients: –

  • Saw Palmetto –

This ripe fruit comes with beta-sitosterol. Inhibiting the activity of 5-alpha reductase, it reduces the levels of di-hydro testosterone which is considered as one of the leading causes of BPH.

  • Tamarix Articulata –

This is a proven anti-inflammatory natural constituent with additional di-uretic characteristics, help to remove excessive water, salt and toxins from body.


1 Prostasafe tablet twice daily right after the meals.


Only positive ones. Give it a period of 2 weeks. Till then, live happy!

Fight your Winter Health Problems with Lobodil Suspension from Salveo Life Sciences

! It’s winters again! Time to pull out your warm clothes. Time to pull out the heavy covers and smooth quilts.

But we know, how much you hate this season thinking of the amount health issues, you might have to deal with. Yes, the dry cold weather can exaggerate everything from asthma to your chances of getting struck with flu.

Remedies for cold, Flu & Sinus during the Winters

The winter season brings along heavy congestion in the chest, terrible headache, tremendous cough and running nose with it, making it miserable for most of the people, especially children and elderly people. Most you must have  the habit of keeping your doors and windows closed, during this season, thereby developing sinus problems. Why? There is no proper ventilation with doors closed.

Make sure that you get enough rest, eat healthy and drink plenty of warm water and other fluids to avoid sinusitis and other health problems which most of you are prone to during this season.

Remedies for Asthma Attack

The cold and dry air during this season tightens the airways of your chest and makes breathing during winters very difficult. If you are asthmatic, you probably are aware of the asthma attack, which are very common during winters.

Some changes inside your house will surely help you deal with the worse. During this season, smoke can travel even through closed doors. So washing your bed covers at least once a week and keeping your house smoke-free is absolutely essential to deal with asthma attacks, during winters.


Remedial Herbs for Asthma

However, it’s not just the regular remedies that deal with the winter health-problems, but there are also natural herbs like  ocimum sanctum,zingiber officinale,  Bambusa Arundinacea and Adathoda vasica  which has been extremely effective over the centuries from across the world to relieve you from cough, cold and asthma. This is a popular cough remedy.

Highly-Effective Lobodil Suspension

But, since you have very little time for regular remedies and it is tougher to find natural herbs these days, you can opt for Lobodil Suspension of Salveo Life Sciences. The key ingredients of LOBODIL are   Bambusa Arundinacea, ocimum sanctum, Piperlongum and Adathoda vasica  that exhibit anti -histaminic properties and manages the symptoms associated with respiratory disorders. ocimum sanctum is an excellent antibiotic, germicidal,and very efficiently protects our body from nearly all sorts  of bacterial, viral, and fungal infection. Adathoda vasica  contains extract vasicine and vasinone are major bioactive which have bronchodilatory and antitussive properties. It is used as a expectorant , antispasmodic,and bronchodilator.   Piperlongum  increases the vasodilatation and biood circulation to the LUNGS . It regurenates the lungs as well. It  liquefies the dry cough and expels it thus relieving nasal and bronchial congestion. Lobodil is an effective mass cell stabilizer and prevents the release of inflammatory mediators that leads to asthmatic attack and boost healthy immune defense.


ADULT – 15 ml twice in a day (empty stomach or one hour before meal)

CHILDREAN – half of adult dose