Herbs to keep your immune system strong

Enhancing immunity is indispensable today as germs and viruses have been fortifying themselves rapidly.According to the nutritionists, poor diet is a major reason for our illness in winter. There is no proper quick fix for the common cold or flu or sinusitis, but yes, consuming nutritional natural foods during this season can help you combat with sickness and beef up your immunity power. Let’s step a foot ahead on this topic as you never know you may get the easy solution that you are looking for.

Our immunity system always requires balance and harmony to function properly. There is still a lot to uncover as researchers are not aware of the intricacies and hidden facts of the immune response. Here are some top nutritional immune boosters that can quickly enhance your living.

To improve the overall health, herb and spices have been playing a major role for decades. They help in faster healing of wounds, act as nutritional supplements and also deliver a host of benefits. Herbs strengthen the immune system. Lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, have anti-inflammatory properties, prevent Alzheimer’s diseases as well as various types of cancer.

Herbs eliminate nutritional deficiencies and thus restore the correct functioning of the body. They rectify various problems rather than suppressing them. It is also said that herbs nourish every part of the body with their vitamin and mineral content. In short, our body needs certain essential dietary nutrients to meet the everyday demands of life and herbs provide us with most of the necessary components for a healthy life.

The specific combinations are made by considering different aspects and phases of health needs. They are powerful nutritional agents with the goodness of many herbs mixed together to ensure good health, as compared to a single herb being used for one treatment at a time. Some herbal combinations are made for specific ailments like hypertension, insomnia, blood pressure, and gastritis, while others promote general well being like energy production, skin care, healthy brain functioning, and weight control.

Health Benefits of some Herb

ShudhGuggul: Guggul is a flowering plant widely used as a medicinal herb. It helps in weight management, relieves joint pain and menstrual pain, improves circulation, lowers cholesterol and alleviates skin problems. This herb also increases white blood cell counts and protects against ailments like the common cold, skin, dental, and eye infections.

Amla – It contains vit.C , minerals, calcium, phosphorus and iron, carotene and vit. B complex. This is a powerful antioxidant. In Eye, Amla reduce macular degeneration, improve vision. Help to increase calcium absorption, improve metabolism, enhances phagocytic activity. Amla also having Chromium, which help to reduce or control LDL and stimulate isolated group of cells that secrete the hormone insulin, there by reduce B.Sugar in diabetic patients. Help to reduce stress.

Licorice root- It have an antispasmodic effects on the gastrointestinal tract. Thereby, the bacterium in the intestine is converted into a substance that acts as a liver protective agent by neutralizing free radical. A study shows that, it can be used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of liver. Licorice root stimulates the adrenal glands; the herb can be helpful to treat Addison’s disease. Licorice root having anti-viral substance help to protect us to influenza and common cold.

Kali Mirch- It contains essential nutrients that your tissues need to function and also contains phytonutrients helps to combat diseases. Kali Mirch having  vit.C, vit.A, carotenes and other antioxidants that neutralize the harmful free radicals from the body.

Tulsi- It eradicates many diseases such as fever, cardiac, respiratory disorder. Tulsi helps to improve voice, act as a stress remover and helps to reduce the episode of asthma.

Lasun- It helps to reduce LDL cholesterol  and  protects from heart attack and stroke. Lasun contains allicin that has antifungal attributes. It also improves over all neurological health. Also, this is the natural and softer way to get rid of lead deposition.

Maharasnadikwath – This is the complex of 26 herbs. It is anti-rheumatic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, neuroprotector, carminative, and last but not the least antioxidant.

Manjistha- It helps to reduce anxiety and depression. Act as a muscle relaxant. Scientific study shows that it  regulates  B.P., helps to prohibit blood clots formation, and promotes the healing of skin tissue damaged by injury or infection.

Giloy – It is known as AMRITA due to its unique medicinal properties. Giloy act as an immunity booster, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, acardiac tonic. It is considered one of the best medicines for urinary tract infection and anaemia. It improves vision, good for eyes, and also has healing properties.  Accharya Charak  had used giloy as a Medhyarasayan which is a brain tonic.

Well, now it is difficult to get these nutrients daily! Isn’t it? But, Salveo Life Sciences comes up with Sepno syrup. It is your one of the best ayurvedic home remedies thatimproves the entire immune system naturally. Prepared using natural plants like Guggul andTinosporacordifolia, it is an effective immune booster that protects you all over the year . Herbs like glycyrrhizaglabra potentiates your reticuloendothelial system and improves the immune stimulation. emblicaofficinalis present in Sepno also works with potent anti-oxidant actions.  No harmful chemical ingredient is used during the preparation of this herbal medicine. Therefore, now you can enjoy life without ailments as Salveo offers you the one-stop solution and strong immune boosterSepno.

Available as:  Sepno Syrup and Tablets

Dosage:  Adult- 2 tsp thrice a day

Children: 1 tsp three twice a day.


BPH or in simpler words Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a common ailment among the aged men. Although the scientific reasons behind this ailment are yet to be unraveled, it has been directly related to an enlarged prostate. The end-result is that you will have problems in urinating. The symptoms are too obvious to ignore. However, there are remedies to it.

What is BPH?

Prostate is a small gland, located in the pelvis between the penis and bladder. This is the part of male reproductive system. Prostate produces the seminal fluid that nourishes and transports sperm. If prostate is enlarge that cause difficulty to pass urine, this condition called BPH and also it can place pressure on the bladder and urethra (the urethra runs through the center of prostate, from the bladder to the penis, letting urine flow out of the body)

Mostly the men age over 50 yr is suffered from prostate enlargement. The activity and growth of the prostate is stimulated by male hormone androgen that is testosterone produced by testicles.

You have BPH if you have these –

Typical Symptoms:

  • Problem in urinating.
  • Burning and painful urination.
  • Discomfort in pelvic region.
  • Blockage of urethra.
  • A weak stream or you pee in stops and starts.
  • Incontinence or unable to control the urge.
  • Unavoidable urgency.
  • Nocturnal yearnings.

The fundamental reason is that you have a large prostate. Not a good thing at all, instead that’s just what’s causing all the problems in the first place. There’s nothing alarming in an enlarging prostate. Matter of fact, it’s only natural. You start enlarging it when you hit puberty, where you end up actually doubling it. You grow it again when you’re 25.

After that though, most men continue growing their prostates for the rest of their lives. You may or may not be among most men. But if you are, there’s a chance that you’re running the risk of BPH. The point is though, BPH is not the obvious conclusion to things.



  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Avoid things that cause indigestion.
  3. Avoid excessive alcohol, ghee, oil, new grains and salt.
  4. Avoid sea food
  5. Appropriate sleep, sexual activity and exercise.
  6. Avoid stress, excessive exercises.
  7. Avoid suppression of urges.


Remedies if Any?

First things first, the higher your age, higher you are suspect to falling under side effects of allopathic drugs. So, you need to resort to other constituents, just where herbal alternatives come into the picture.

Salveo Life Sciences is one of the most popular brands when it comes to herbal or natural products to multiple ailments and diseases. They have come up with a Prostasafe, a strong and safely natural solution to solve BPH once and for all.

Prostasafe boasts of the following natural ingredients: –

  • Saw Palmetto –

This ripe fruit comes with beta-sitosterol. Inhibiting the activity of 5-alpha reductase, it reduces the levels of di-hydro testosterone which is considered as one of the leading causes of BPH.

  • Tamarix Articulata –

This is a proven anti-inflammatory natural constituent with additional di-uretic characteristics, help to remove excessive water, salt and toxins from body.


1 Prostasafe tablet twice daily right after the meals.


Only positive ones. Give it a period of 2 weeks. Till then, live happy!

Fight your Winter Health Problems with Lobodil Suspension from Salveo Life Sciences

! It’s winters again! Time to pull out your warm clothes. Time to pull out the heavy covers and smooth quilts.

But we know, how much you hate this season thinking of the amount health issues, you might have to deal with. Yes, the dry cold weather can exaggerate everything from asthma to your chances of getting struck with flu.

Remedies for cold, Flu & Sinus during the Winters

The winter season brings along heavy congestion in the chest, terrible headache, tremendous cough and running nose with it, making it miserable for most of the people, especially children and elderly people. Most you must have  the habit of keeping your doors and windows closed, during this season, thereby developing sinus problems. Why? There is no proper ventilation with doors closed.

Make sure that you get enough rest, eat healthy and drink plenty of warm water and other fluids to avoid sinusitis and other health problems which most of you are prone to during this season.

Remedies for Asthma Attack

The cold and dry air during this season tightens the airways of your chest and makes breathing during winters very difficult. If you are asthmatic, you probably are aware of the asthma attack, which are very common during winters.

Some changes inside your house will surely help you deal with the worse. During this season, smoke can travel even through closed doors. So washing your bed covers at least once a week and keeping your house smoke-free is absolutely essential to deal with asthma attacks, during winters.


Remedial Herbs for Asthma

However, it’s not just the regular remedies that deal with the winter health-problems, but there are also natural herbs like  ocimum sanctum,zingiber officinale,  Bambusa Arundinacea and Adathoda vasica  which has been extremely effective over the centuries from across the world to relieve you from cough, cold and asthma. This is a popular cough remedy.

Highly-Effective Lobodil Suspension

But, since you have very little time for regular remedies and it is tougher to find natural herbs these days, you can opt for Lobodil Suspension of Salveo Life Sciences. The key ingredients of LOBODIL are   Bambusa Arundinacea, ocimum sanctum, Piperlongum and Adathoda vasica  that exhibit anti -histaminic properties and manages the symptoms associated with respiratory disorders. ocimum sanctum is an excellent antibiotic, germicidal,and very efficiently protects our body from nearly all sorts  of bacterial, viral, and fungal infection. Adathoda vasica  contains extract vasicine and vasinone are major bioactive which have bronchodilatory and antitussive properties. It is used as a expectorant , antispasmodic,and bronchodilator.   Piperlongum  increases the vasodilatation and biood circulation to the LUNGS . It regurenates the lungs as well. It  liquefies the dry cough and expels it thus relieving nasal and bronchial congestion. Lobodil is an effective mass cell stabilizer and prevents the release of inflammatory mediators that leads to asthmatic attack and boost healthy immune defense.


ADULT – 15 ml twice in a day (empty stomach or one hour before meal)

CHILDREAN – half of adult dose

Tuswas: Treats Cough & Reinforces Immunity

Cough, also known as TUSSIS, is a sudden reflex or protective reflex that human have. It helps to clear the throat and breathing passage, occupied with foreign particles, fluids, microbes and mucus. Cough is either voluntary or involuntary phenomenon. Recurrence of cough usually indicates the presence of a disease.

Cough reflex consists of three phases:

  1. An inhalation
  2. A forced exhalation against a closed glottis.
  3. A violent release of air from the lungs following the opening of glottis.

Irregular cough is caused by respiratory tract infection but can also be triggered by chocking, smoking, pollution, asthma,  Gastro-esophageal reflex disease or GERD, an acute disorder of the digestive system where the stomach acid and other ingredients of the stomach enter the esophagus, chronic bronchitis, lung tumours, medication such as AEC inhibitor.

Types of Cough:

  1. ACUTE: Less than 3 week.
  2. CHRONIC: More than 3 week.
  3. PRODUCTIVE COUGH: Cough that brings up phlegm.
  4. NON PRODUCTIVE COUGH: Cough that does not bring up phlegm, also called Dry Cough
  5. NOCTURNAL COUGH: Cough that happens at night.


  1. Nasal congestion
  2. Runny nose
  3. Sneezing
  4. Shortness of breath
  5. Trouble swallowing
  6. Earache
  7. Difficulty in exercise tolerance.
  8. Wheezing
  9. Hoarseness of voice
  10. Post-nasal drip

Those days are gone when you depended on the regular cough syrup that was prepared with all kinds of chemical ingredients and most significantly, comprised of drug substances that induced a lot of drowsiness amongst the elderly people as well as children.

Salveo Life Sciences comes up with Tuswas, an effective cough remedy, prepared with a concoction of herbal extracts like honey, tulsi in the ratio of 1:10, along with vasaka, mulethi etc. it does not cause any harmful side effects.

This effective remedy has non-alcoholic and powerful mucolytic base that can be effective for all kinds of cough and throat infections. It is a safe medicine that can be used to cure prolonged cough ailments. The syrup also offers relief from nasal congestion, common cough and cold and allergic cough. The herbal extracts such as honey and tulsi are rich anti-allergic, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial ingredients. Tuswas also contains Turmeric having anti viral and antibacterial action. Another ingredient, vasaka (Adathodavasika) is antitussive and bronchodilator that reduce all types of cough problems, also having alkaloids pyrroquinazoline show significant protection against allergen induce bronchial obstruction.

Available as: Tuswas Syrup (100ml)


  • Children: 1 Tsp 3-4 times a day.
  • Adult: 1-2 Tsp 3-4 times day.

Overthrow the kidney stones with Normout Syrup

Kidney stones are one of the most common ailments of the urinary tract. Kidney stone or Renal calculi are solid masses made of crystal. The people, who consume excessive oily diets and rich animal protein with low fiber and fluids, are at higher risk of developing kidney stones indeed. Aside from these, the people working under high stress levels with a family history of kidney problems or patients having health issues with high blood pressure are prone to develop kidney stones as well. Kidney stone usually originate in your kidney but can develop anywhere along your urinary tract.


  1. Calcium – when use of high oxalate food include potato, peanut, chocolate etc.
  2. Uric acid – When urine is more acidic then most probability of formation of this type of stone .In our meal when purines is increase then stone formation is occur. The substance which contains purines increase uric acid level.
  3. Struvite – mostly found in female with UTI . In this type of stone, the size of stone is large which cause urinary obstruction.
  4. Cystine- This is a rare type of stone. They occur in both men and women who have the genetic disorder.

Do you have enough knowledge about Kidney stones and its remedy?

According to several research works, the incidence of kidney stones has been proliferating over the past 20 years. People between the ages of 20 to 40 are more likely to grow the condition, as are those with persistent heartburn and those who take antacids for long period of time.


  1. Obesity
  2. Dehydration
  3. High oxalate , protein and salt diet.
  4. Medication such as calcium based antacid, diuretic and antiseizure .
  5. Inflammatory bowl disease.
  6. Anatomic kidney and urinary track abnormality.

SYMPTOMS of renal stone may not occur until the stone begins to move down the ureter i.e. renal colic. 1.In this condition pain radiated to lions to groin region .

  1. Blood in urine.
  2. Vomiting , nausea
  3. Discoloured and foul smelling urine.
  4. Chill and fever
  5. Frequent need to urine.

Salveo Life Sciences, one of the most reputed companies in the country who produces herbal medicines, offers the permanent remedy from urinary calculi. The brand offersthe perfect cure for kidney stones which is completely free from side effects. Salveo introduces Normout Syrup that is a safe and effective poly herbal formulation which is a one stop solution for recurrent urinary tract infection.

Normout Syrup is a safe and effective poly herbal formulation recommended for urinary calculi (stones), burning micturition and recurrent urinary tract infections. This herbal medicine includes Tribulusterrestris which has diuretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesics and antimicrobial actions. Boerhaviadiffusa is known to possess anti-inflammatory, analgesics and diuretic properties. Shwetparpatipresent in the syrup normalizes the urine pH and relieves the burning micturition.

In order to eradicate kidney related problems, the best option is Salveo. There are plenty of Ayurvedic home remedieswhich can gift you a fresh, healthy and ailment free life through Salveo Life Sciences. Kidney works like a filter in our body. Salveo Life Sciences showing how to remove kidney stone from the body through Ayurvedic medicines and keep the body healthy.

Available as: Normout Syrup 200 ml. and Normout Tablets

Dosage: 2 tsp twice or thrice daily or as advised by physician.

Cure Parkinson’s disease with Salveo Noni Juice

According to medical science Parkinson’s disease is a neurogenerativedisorder that affect predominately dopamine producing (“dopaminergic”) neurons in a specific area of brain called substantia nigra. Dopamine acts as a messenger between two brain area –substantia  nigra and the corpus striatum to produce smooth, controlled movements . When the amount of dopamine is too low, communication between the substantia nigra and corpus striatum become ineffective, the movements becomes impaired. Other cell in the brain also degenerates to some degree and contribute to non movement related symptoms of P.D.

It is a progressive disease. Usually this happens slowly, over many years that affect motor system. No one knows the cause of P.D. but believed to involve both genetic and environmental factors.  

Let’s discuss the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease briefly.

  • Depression
  • Tiredness
  • Rigidity in muscles
  • Aching limbs
  • Mental slowness
  • Slowness in movements
  • Small hand writing
  • Pill rolling tremor in hands
  • Poor balance and co-ordination
  • Tremor affect your hands, arm, neck and legs


Salveo Andaman Noni Juice is a unique preparation of Noni that grows in our own plantations at Andaman & Nicobar Islands’ volcanic soil. Noni Juice is combined with several potent herbs, Garcinia, Ashwagandha, Green tea, Brahmi & Arjuna providing with power packed formulation that not only boosts immunity and reduces oxidative stress, but also helps in several ailments your body faces on daily life.

Salveo Andaman Noni Juice is a natural and organic dietary supplement of the Morinda Citrifolia fruit that helps to eradicate Parkinson’s disease. These fruits are grown in our own plantation in the volcanic soil and a pollution-free environment of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is a natural immune booster with more than 160 nutraceuticals, essential for maintaining and promoting the overall quality of life. It is a trusted name in every household and safe for use along with modern healthcare therapies.

Regular consumption of Salveo Noni Juice will offer you Parkinson free healthier life. Being a sugar free preparation it’s safe for the people with diabetes as well.

  • Available as: Concentrate juice
  • Dosage: Consume 15 – 30ml twice a day, 30mins before food or as directed by physician.

Boot out Bronchitis with Salveo Life Sciences

The inflammation of Bronchial Tubes that carries air to lungs. Having symptoms include coughing up mucus, wheezing, shorter breathe, and chest discomfort.

There are two types of Bronchitis:

  1. Acute Bronchitis
  2. Chronic Bronchitis


  • Acute bronchitis lingers for one to three weeks and commonly improves within a few days without lasting effects. Mostly the cause of viral and bacterial infections as mioplasm pneumonia or bordetella pertusis, about 5% of adult and 6% of children has at least one episode in a year.  Needless to say, the pollution in environment is one of the causes of acute bronchitis. If there is a repeated episode of bronchitis, then it requires a medical attention since it is an indication of chronic bronchitis.
  • Chronic bronchitis is a serious illness characterized by persistent mucus that produces cough for a long period of time. Salveo Life Sciences has mastered the techniques to come up with Ayurvedic remedies to combat and cure bronchitis.


  • Chronic Bronchitis lasts for at least three months a year and two years in a row. It is a serious long-term disorder that requires regular medical treatment and check-up.
  • In this particular condition smoking should be strictly prohibited if a person is suffering from acute bronchitis since it becomes much harder to recover and tough to diagnose.
  • The cigarette smoke affects and damages the small hair-like structures in the lungs (cilia) which are responsible for brushing out debris, irritants, pollutants and excess mucus from the lungs.
  • This dysfunctional property of the cilia increases the chances of developing chronic bronchitis.
  • In the case of a chain smoker, the mucous membrane lining the airways stays inflamed and the cilia eventually stop functioning altogether.
  • These results in lungs clogged with mucus which becomes vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections and eventually damages the lung’s airways.

This permanent condition is called COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Salveo Life Sciences produces the appropriate medicines for bronchitis remedies with Lobodil powder, suspension. These are the best elixir for bronchitis indeed.

Available as: Lobodil Powder and Lobodil Suspension(100ml and 200ml)

Dosage of Lobodil Powder:

Adult - 1 TSP mix with honey 30 minutes before food twice in a day.

Children –Above 5 Year, half of the adult.

Dosage of Lobodil Suspension:

Adult - 2 TSP twice daily.

Children – Above 5 year half of the adult.


Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder in which the body is unable to make proper use of glucose, cannot produce sufficient insulin to process the glucose, which results in hyperglycemia & glycosuria.


Similarly in Ayurveda, a condition in which a person passes honey like urine is called Madhumeha (hyperglycemia). It is among 20 types of prameha described in ayurveda classics or book i.e. charaka samhita, sushruta samhita, Astanga sangraha etc.


 Now days stressful modern living, leads to increasing incidence of diabetes. Now in the whole world, nearly about 24% of the populations are suffering from this. By 2020, it may reach up to 40-45% according to WHO. Diabetes is the single most important metabolic disease that affects nearly every organ of body. Now diabetes is one of prime causes that leads death. Diabetes is associated with significant long term sequela particularly damage or dysfunction of various organs especially the kidney, heart nerves & eyes, & blood vessels.


CAUSE- according Ayurveda the causes of diabetes are 

  • Stress
  • Obesity
  • Life style
  • Lack of exercise
  • Too much sleep
  • Smoking


Diabetes Mellitus is of 2 types,

TYPE 1- Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus: In these condition, your body does not make insulin. Your immune system attacks & destroy the cells in your pancreas that make insulin. People with type-1 diabetes need to take insulin every day.


TYPE 2- Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus: In these condition, your body does not make or use insulin well. This type of diabetes occurs most often in middle age and older people. Most common type of diabetes.




  • Polyuria (frequency. of urine test)
  • Poly phagia (increased appetite)
  • Polydyspia (excessive thirst)
  • Turbidity in urine
  • Debility / tiredness
  • Weight loss
  • Non Healing ulcer
  • isuable disturbance/retinopathy
  • Fatigue
  • Anorexia
  • Cardio vascular diseases.
  • Renal tissue damage/nephropathy
  • Burning in palm & sole
  • Gangrene
  • Dry mount
  • Slow healing of cuts
  • Taste of sweetness in mourn
  • Erectile desfunction


  • Get more physical activity
  • In Yogasana like halasan, paschimottanasan
  • Try to reduce stress
  • Reduce weight
  • Avoid smoking & alcohol
  • Restriction in intake of sugar, fried food & daily products.
  • Avoid day sleep & laziness
MEDICAL MAGNGMENT NIDAN PARIVARJANA – avoid etiologic factor as tuber sweets, dairy products, soft drinks, fried food, sweet fruit



  • NEAM- contains flavonoid, triterpenoid & glycosides which are high blood sugar- lowering compound in diabetes
  • GILOY- useful in controlling blood sugar level & also helps in wound healing, improves vision, use in urinary tract disorder
  • GUDMAR- manage cholesterol, brings down high cholesterol, having bioactive constituents also helps to decrease sugar level
  • VIJAY SAR-helps to treat cut, bruises & other skin problem.
  • METHI- Galactomannan, a soluble fiber present in methi, slow down the absorption of sugar into blood.


X-DIABA is a unique combination of all the above drugs. As a result it stimulates cells of pancreases, thereby minimizes long term complication of diabetes mellitus as neuropathy, retinopathy, loss of libido etc. X-DIABA provides strength & works as a restorative agent.


Dosage:- 1 capsule two times a day or as directed by the physician. 



Putome Plus is the best herbal remedy for menopause that cares your health

When women become old, they usually face several health problems and one such medical condition is MENOPAUSE. Menopause is a normal consequence of ageing process. At the age of 45 -50yr, the ovaries gradually become less active and reduce their production of estrogens and progesterone and period have stopped for 1yr.( Indeed) it is a particular term that signifies the changes they generally undergo either after or when menstruation or the fertile cycle ceases.

This phase also signifies the end of child bearing capacity of a woman. As per the medical experts, After menopause, a woman’s periods typically irregular which means that period may be lighter or heavier in the amount of flow or longer or shorter in duration.(menopause occurs twelve months just after the last menstrual phase of a woman and indicates the end of menstrual cycle). This medical condition can occur in the forties or fifties but it differs from one country to another.

The symptoms of menopause include:

  • Hot flashes
  • Fatigue
  • Night sweat
  • Osteoporosis
  • Insomnia
  • Low Libido
  • Anxiety
  • Vaginal dryness

These symptoms vary from person to person. Here we have jotted down Ayurvedic treatment that comes without side effects.

  • The home remedies for menopause can be quite effective to treat the symptoms. Organic fruits and leafy vegetables are recommended for people.
  • The herbal remedy of Salveo Life Sciences namely Putome Plus is an effective remedy for the treatment of menopausal issues. Putome Plus is ideal for avoiding excessive bleeding as well as regularizing menstrual cycle in the best possible way. It tones the endometrium as well as excites the tissues of ovaries. In fact, this herbal medicine constitutes phytoestrogens that alleviate the symptoms associated with pre as well as post-menopausal issues. It supplements the calcium as well as iron requirements as well as enhances the bone density as well as haemoglobin effectively.
  • Saraca indica has potent estrogenic properties which repair the endometrium during menstruation, relieves symptoms of PMS.
  • Asparagus racemosus helps to enhance estrogenic activity and also enhance sex drive.
  • Cyperusrotundus also is rich in anti-inflammatory elements that can be used for curing pelvic inflammatory disease and much more. It is usually recommended that one suffering from menopausal problem should consume one Putome Plus capsule on a daily basis.


Available as: Putome Plus Syrup and Capsules.

Dosage: Two teaspoon syrup twice and one capsule daily or as directed by physician.

Light up your health with Ayurveda

Human body is composed of many different types of cells  that together create tissues and subsequently organ system  (constituted with several complicated systems). We have to maintain and take care of the body to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Salveo Life Sciences, a popular brand in Ayurvedic treatment itself explains the rest. Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old ocean of natural healing  Before modern medicine provided scientific evidence for the mind and body. According to the Vedic culture of India, it’s actually considered by many to be the oldest and authentic healing process  in   world. Ayurvedic medicine is based on the theory that health exists when  there is a balance between doshas.  There are three doshas: 

  • Vata
  • Pitta
  • Kapha

Ayurveda can help people live long without ailment, healthy and balanced life, free from complicated surgeries and painful conditions. Infact, ayurveda helps to maintain health of a person by keeping the individual’s body,  mind and spirit in perfect equilibrium with nature  the very word ‘Ayurveda’ itself means “science of life.” First originating in the Vedic culture of India, it’s indeed considered by many to be the oldest and most primitive healing  method of the world .

According to a report published by University of Maryland Medical Center, Ayurvedic medicine can help treat inflammatory, hormonal, digestive and autoimmune conditions, including:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Dementia
  • Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation)
  • High blood pressure or cholesterol
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Pre and post menopausal problems
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Salveo Life Sciences, one of the most preeminent  Ayurvedic  organisation of the country has created revolution in medical science through its unique herbal medicines. The untold facts of ayurvedic medicines are now  formulated  to create  visible impact on health through the various remedies provided by Salveo.  There are plenty of Ayurvedic home remedies as well which can gift you a healthy and ailment free life.